Visual Hasluck is one of the sub-projects of the Shared Sacred Sites initiative and it has been developed in close collaboration with the Shared Sacred Sites team and network of scholars, under the direction of Professor Karen Barkey. As part of the Shared Sacred Sites project, it has been made possible by the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation.

Prof. Karen Barkey (UC Berkeley)
Director, Shared Sacred Sites project. Research coordination, micro-essays

Dimitris C. Papadopoulos (Columbia / Lehman College, CUNY)
Project development and coordination, mapping and visualization, research, micro-essays

Nathanael Shelley (Columbia University)
Research, micro-essays

Matt Ghazarian (Columbia University)
Research, data structuring and analysis

Mariam Elnozahy (Columbia University)
Research, digital mapping support, data clean-up and analysis

Darializa Avila Chevalier
(Columbia University)
Mennaallah Uosri Elsayed
(Columbia University)
Megan Stater
(Columbia University)
Research, data clean-up and analysis

Vatsal Naresh (Columbia University)
Writing, testing and user experience feedback

Jessica Lilien (Columbia University)
Testing and user experience feedback

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas image credit: Manoël Pénicaud

Shared Sacred Sites project

Henry Luce Foundation